2016 BMW M2 Is Pure Bred for Performance

January 12th, 2016 by

With each successive generation of BMW M model, Munich has made a habit of raising the bar on what enthusiasts can expect from their potent performance line. The 2016 M2 will be no different, taking the benchmark set by yesteryear’s M235i and raising the standard to near cosmic levels.

The M2’s more aggressive styling is the first hint that this is a car bred for the sport life. The side bodywork swells the frame by 2.1 inches up front and 3.1 inches in the back to give the car a meatier presence. Further beef over the M235i can also be found under the hood, where a 3.0L turbo-six boasting 365 horsepower holds court with a vengeance. With an electronically-controlled active rear differential to mitigate wheel spin, this car promises one hell of a ride.

Get your first glimpse of the unveiling in Detroit below.

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