A BMW Family Feud

April 1st, 2016 by

The BMW i8 and the BMW M4 are two very different approaches to the performance vehicle, though they’re from the same family. To test these two approaches, the folks over at Top Gear held a drag race between the two vehicles to see who the best performance vehicle truly is. In the interest of not spoiling a good time, we won’t tell you who the winner is before you have a chance to watch the video, so check the video out below for the final result!

As you can see in the video, both of these vehicles are supremely powerful and beautifully styled in their own right, but it’s worth it to break down their differences by specs. If you’re thinking that it doesn’t seem like a fair race because the M4 has 425 horsepower to the i8’s combined 357 horsepower, or because the M4 has six cylinders while the i8 has only three, consider also that the i8 is about 200 pounds lighter than the M4, and it has all-wheel drive to help it get off that starting line quickly. Add into that mix the i8’s use of electric motors, which give 100 percent of their torque at zero rpm, and the i8 starts to look a lot more competitive.

Here at Preston BMW, we love seeing these two power-heavyweights facing off on the dragstrip, but we like them even more when they’re playing nice in our Boardman, OH showroom, along with our other outstanding BMW models. If you’d like to get some personalized experience with either of these performance vehicles, schedule a test drive with us and let us show you what BMW-quality performance feels like.

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