BMW Adds the User-Friendly ConnectedDrive Feature

December 1st, 2016 by

BMW is one of the leaders in the automobile industry regarding technology.  The company integrates technology into its automobiles to enhance the driving experience of the drivers, along with other important reasons such as safety and performance.

A new feature available on BMWs is ConnectedDrive.  This innovative system has many useful purposes.  One of the uses that has many BMW drivers talking is the personal learned destinations.  This allows the BMW Connected to help optimize drivers’ time.

Personal learned destinations learns its user’s driving patterns and then highlights the patterns that are used most frequently.  This information is later used to notify the driver of any potential problems involving driving routes that are used frequently to avoid any potential problems such as traffic jams or accidents.

Technology has been integrated into automobiles for many years to improve the development, creation and use of automobiles.  BMW is one of the leaders in the automobile industry concerning the use of technology in automobiles.

Come by our dealership to see for yourself the ConnectedDrive feature in action.

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