Learn More About BMW Active Assist

September 28th, 2016 by

5 Series

The future is here, and BMW is making sure they place their stamp when it comes to creating new innovative vehicles. One of the projects BMW has been working on is called BMW Active Assist. This concept focuses on the driving safety, comfort, and efficiency of their partially and highly automated vehicles. Let’s take a look at two impressive features drivers can already experience today in BMW’s partially automated vehicles.

Laser Scanners – Whether it’s the front, back, left, or right, BMW has installed four laser scanners that help measure the precise distances to your vehicle and other objects. These laser scanners can detect size, speed, as well as the entire surroundings of your vehicle to form a picture of which areas are available and free of obstacles.

Cameras – BMW has installed a series camera on the inside of the front mirror to determine the position of other vehicles on the road. This camera can distinguish between a passenger car, motorcycle, or pedestrian, and wells as the road markings. The camera uses this information to apply such features as Lane Departure Warning to help the driver get back on the correct path with an audio and visual warning.

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