What Are Some Physical Properties of Synthetic Oils?

February 15th, 2017 by

Oil Change

When you are deciding between different synthetic oils, you will see a number of terms, including “Viscosity,” “Total Base Number” and “Pour Point.” What do all of these terms mean?

“Viscosity” simply means thickness. Conventional oils and synthetic oils can have the same viscosity based on additives. This will usually be based on its thickness when the temperature rise and falls. As it cools, most lubricants will tend to turn to gels. The “Total Base Number” (TBN) refers to the oil’s alkalinity. This is whether the oil is more close to an alkaline or acid. Most automotive lubricants have TBNs between 7 and 10. The “Pour Point” is the lowest temperature, which a motor oil can be poured out of a container. Synthetics can be “poured” at lower temperatures.

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