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    Be bold behind the wheel of the first ever BMW X4

    If you're feeling a bit sluggish on this Thursday afternoon, our team at Preston BMW has a quick pick-me up you'll love. It's the teaser to the first ever BMW X4, which encourages us to 'embrace the unknown.' Check it out.


    Go, go forth, go explore, unleash your character, and dare to go everywhere behind the wheel of this incredibly stylish and powerful all-new BMW model. We bet you're curious to…

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    BMW Shows Their Cards In Vegas

    Today is the last day for the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and right in the middle of all the excitement is the BMW i3. This car was given the proper treatment when two couples were selected to hop in for a demonstration.

    One couple was blindfolded and allowed to drive around in order to show how the i3 can brake on its own when it senses objects too close to the vehicle. The…

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    Say hello to the 2015 BMW X3

    With all the new cars that keep joining the ranks of our lineup here at Preston BMW, we can hardly blame folks for occasionally falling behind on the latest arrivals. While we don't like to play favorites with these recent additions on our lot, we can't help but find ourselves returning time and time again to one model in particular.

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    Get ready for the BMW i8

    Now that we've given you an inside look at what the BMW i3 is made of, what better time than now to pull back the curtains on one more green machine that’s headed our way. Because, on the off chance that you haven't heard, the BMW i8 will soon be making its way to our dealership. As you can imagine, the excitement is palpable here at Preston BMW.

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    2015 1-Series GT Will Debut Next Month

    Here at Preston BMW we have heard a lot of rumors circulating about the new front-wheel drive multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) the German automaker has been working on.  Now, our brand has officially stated they will give the public their first in depth look at the model at the Geneva Motor Show.

    The 2015 BMW 1-Series GT will appear this coming March in Switzerland, giving us the first chance to really see what the vehicle will...

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    BMW Crafts a one of a kind 7 Series Sterling Edition

    European luxury carmakers are similar in a number of ways. One of which is how customers are able fully customize and order their own vehicle exactly to their specifications. This is very different to the American "off-the-rack" method of buying where most consumers simply pick their favorite directly off the lot. This European customization model is big business especially for BMW where drivers who have planned out and ordered their very own BMW can go...

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    BMW Zinoro Heads Exclusively to China

    Sometimes it's easy to forget that all of our favorite automakers are not from America; if it weren't for luxury brand BMW's desire to break out of the European market, Preston BMW wouldn't be here writing this for you today! Being the smart, savvy brand that they are, the German automaker is setting its sights on China and we have all the details right here on the blog.

    It's a…

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    The Next BMW X6 Should Quench Your Sporty Thirsts

    The current BMW X6 is a great car; it has plenty of power under the hood and plenty of room for four. However, some drivers feel that it's not quite sporty enough, not quite aggressive enough. Well no longer, as the 2014 X6 will bring about a new look and feel, giving you the ferocity you want while keeping the luxury and comfort you need. Preston BMW has all the details right here and…

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    The BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo Looks Awesome

    Here at Preston BMW of Boardman, we were very happy to get a peek at the different concept cars and new automotive technologies showcased at the Chicago Auto Show.  While we were certainly busy having a look around the showroom floor, one vehicle caught our eye in particular. Of course we are talking about the sleek new BMW model that is set to join our impressive lineup sometime in late 2013.

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