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In honor of 25 remarkable years touting the venerable V12 engine, BMW has crafted a special-edition 7 Series for the truly dedicated at heart. Preston BMW says "truly dedicated" because at nearly $160,000 with a production limit of 15 units, the V12 25th Anniversary BMW 760 Li is only for those want it most.

Now, just because everyone in the Boardman, OH area might not have a chance at owning the ultra-exclusive auto…

Special-Edition BMW X6 and 6-Series in the Works for 2013

While the BMW X6 and 6 Series already offer plenty of enjoyable drive, the automaker has decided to kick things up a notch by introducing a 2013 special-edition auto for both. Made in limited batches, the 2013 BMW X6 Performance Edition and 2013 BMW 6 Series Coupe Frozen Silver Edition are ultra-exclusive in nature and guaranteed to please.


Starting with the amped-up X6 luxury crossover, designers and engineers have collaborated to add in a whole…

With sales of luxury autos continuing to sell at a healthy pace here in the United States, the fight for premium automakers to claim the coveted top spot has turned quite aggressive. Of course, Preston BMW of Boardman, OH knows that BMW has a strategic plan to keep its upward trajectory moving. And that plan comes in the form of the new BMW 3 Series sedan with xDrive, the luxury brand's all-wheel-drive system.


Rumors Circle Surrounding New BMW 7 Series Additions

As you may know, the BMW 7 Series already offers up a great deal of luxury style, comfort features, and enjoyable drive. But for those who wish the venerable model added on just a smidge of sportier performance, you're in for a real treat.

Preston BMW is eager to share that the BMW rumor mill has been buzzing and it looks like the automaker just might be coming out with two new variants for…

2013 BMW X1 Configuration Site Goes Live

If you're looking forward to the 2013 BMW X1, then Preston BMW in Boardman OH, has some great news for you!

BMW has opened up a new configuration site for the forthcoming luxury crossover, and you're invited to build your own today. The new site allows you to select one of three models: sDrive28i, xDrive28i, and xDrive35i. After selecting your model, you're then tasked with selecting one of three trim levels: S?

Are you the kind of driver who thinks 300 hp is a walk in the park? Do you have a catch-me-if-you-can spirit? Are you a connoisseur of luxury? Are you easily bored?

Preston BMW of Boardman, OH would like to introduce you to the BMW APLINA B7 - the ultra-high-performance big brother of the 7 Series? Or, as BMW refers to it: "the benchmark of luxury performance, chassis technology and hand-finished exclusivity."1

The second generation?

As we expected, the BMW ActiveHybrid 3 drew a lot of attention during its debut in Detroit.  BMW not only combined the high performance of the 3-Series with the fuel efficiency of a hybrid, but they also spend a lot of development time on the navigation system.  There is a lot to discuss about how BMW is leading the navigational technology segment, so please read on.

More than merely advising drivers to turn right onto?

2013 BMW X6 M - Minimal Changes from 2012

The BMW X6 M will not see many changes in its 2013 model year, and for great reason. The speedy crossover has a great thing going, and BMW knows to not fix things unless they're broken. With that said, not all things will be the same as the BMW X6 M will sport a subtle change or two.

Many of the updates that BMW does have in store for the X6 M are found?

BMW's Advanced Diesel Technology

BMW invites you take everything you think you know about diesel and throw it out the window. With BMW Advanced Diesel, none of the old rules apply. Instead of being dirty, expensive, and slow, it's clean, economical and performance driven. Not to mention convenient.

To prove BMW Advanced Diesel can have a profound impact on your life, Preston BMW would like to present you with a couple of scenarios.

Scenario 1: Tachometer ticks over?

2013 X3 Gets An Engine Upgrade

BMW is at once upgrading and downsizing the engine fitted in its three-year old X3 SAV. Please, allow us to explain.

With four-cylinder capacity, the 2013 engine is smaller than the naturally-aspirated V6 it replaces. And because, they didn't want drivers to sacrifice power for greater efficiency, it's not just any 4-cylinder engine. It's the same TwinPower Turbo four cylinder that's featured in the new BMW Z4, BMW 528i and BMW?

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