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    Be bold behind the wheel of the first ever BMW X4

    If you're feeling a bit sluggish on this Thursday afternoon, our team at Preston BMW has a quick pick-me up you'll love. It's the teaser to the first ever BMW X4, which encourages us to 'embrace the unknown.' Check it out.


    Go, go forth, go explore, unleash your character, and dare to go everywhere behind the wheel of this incredibly stylish and powerful all-new BMW model. We bet you're curious to…

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    Get ready for the BMW i8

    Now that we've given you an inside look at what the BMW i3 is made of, what better time than now to pull back the curtains on one more green machine that’s headed our way. Because, on the off chance that you haven't heard, the BMW i8 will soon be making its way to our dealership. As you can imagine, the excitement is palpable here at Preston BMW.

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    Your BMW M, the M Power Meter, and You

    If you own one of the incredible BMW M models and an iPhone, then you're definitely in luck; the automaker has made an app specifically for Apple's smartphone (sorry Android users!) that can give you a whole lot more information than what your odometer and speedometer can tell.

    It's called M Power Meter and it shows you a lot more details about your driving that you can add to your list of…

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    More Power with the 2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe

    When you buy a new BMW, you know you can expect power, performance, and luxury supreme. It will always deliver, too. However, what for those absolutely need more, then there's the M models.  When 500 horsepower just isn't enough, then Preston BMW has just the suggestion for you: the 2014 M6 Gran Coupe.

    Let's take a look at all the incredible improvements the M6 Gran Coupe has to offer:

    • Five double-spoke M…
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    New Diesel-Powered BMW Models Previewed

    New Diesel-Powered BMW Models Previewed

    When you come to Preston BMW, you know you'll find some incredibly sleek vehicles powered on unleaded gasoline. However, many drivers in the greater Warren area and beyond are beginning to become more aware of our dependence on traditional fuels. This eco-consciousness is leading many to seek alternatives; BMW is here to bring you just such an alternative with a new lineup of diesel-powered vehicles in the United States…

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    BMW i3 Provides Precise, Profound, and Practical Driving Range

    All of us at Preston BMW are excited for the future of electric cars, to say the least. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone in the greater Youngstown area that wasn't supportive of the earth-friendly technology. Unfortunately, one of the biggest worries with these emission-less marvels is not being sure how far the driver can, well, drive between charges. Fear not, as BMW is hoping to make the range on their soon-to-be-released…

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    Preston BMW Shares BMW i8 Hybrid Coupe Updates

    The BMW i8 has been the talk of the auto world recently, as it's popped up quite a few times doing some testing under heavy camouflage. Of course, Preston BMW, conveniently located at 7830 Market Street, Boardman, OH 44512, was hoping that we'd see a bit of these disguises fall off before the year's end, but it seems as if BMW wants to keep us on the edge of our seats!


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    BMW Celebrates V12 Anniversary with Exclusive 7 Series

    In honor of 25 remarkable years touting the venerable V12 engine, BMW has crafted a special-edition 7 Series for the truly dedicated at heart. Preston BMW says "truly dedicated" because at nearly $160,000 with a production limit of 15 units, the V12 25th Anniversary BMW 760 Li is only for those want it most.

    Now, just because everyone in the Boardman, OH area might not have a chance at owning the ultra-exclusive auto…

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    BMW Meets the iPhone 5

    Those near Boardman, OH who drive a new BMW vehicle are likely familiar with the automaker's innovative BMW ConnectedDrive Apps. Preston BMW also knows that anyone who fits these criteria and happens to own the new iPhone 5 might be panicking.

    Why? For those aren't familiar, all apps are connected to BMW vehicles via Apple's smartphone. Until now, the BMW-compatible iPhone used a standard 30-pin connector which is exactly what the BMW…

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