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    2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe Confirmed

    There's nothing like an influx of teaser images and videos to confirm that a brand-new model-in-question is indeed on its way to market. Such is precisely how we feel after viewing new photos and plenty of details for the forthcoming 2014 BMW M6 Gran Coupe.

    As the newest member of the M Performance family and with two stellar M6 models (Coupe and Convertible) already ahead of it, the M6 Gran Coupe has pretty high…

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    Preston BMW Shares BMW i8 Hybrid Coupe Updates

    The BMW i8 has been the talk of the auto world recently, as it's popped up quite a few times doing some testing under heavy camouflage. Of course, Preston BMW, conveniently located at 7830 Market Street, Boardman, OH 44512, was hoping that we'd see a bit of these disguises fall off before the year's end, but it seems as if BMW wants to keep us on the edge of our seats!


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    BMW Ownership Benefits

    Today, Preston BMW of Boardman, OH would like to take a moment to discuss exactly what new BMW owners benefit from besides a first-class car. There are six total:  free maintenance, residual value, safety/confidence, traction, performance and xDrive. Today, however, we'll focus on three: complimentary maintenance, residual value, and safety.

    BMW Complimentary Maintenance

    When drivers choose to buy a new BMW, they also get the peace of mind that comes with knowing  all…

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    BMW Celebrates V12 Anniversary with Exclusive 7 Series

    In honor of 25 remarkable years touting the venerable V12 engine, BMW has crafted a special-edition 7 Series for the truly dedicated at heart. Preston BMW says "truly dedicated" because at nearly $160,000 with a production limit of 15 units, the V12 25th Anniversary BMW 760 Li is only for those want it most.

    Now, just because everyone in the Boardman, OH area might not have a chance at owning the ultra-exclusive auto…

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    BMW Meets the iPhone 5

    Those near Boardman, OH who drive a new BMW vehicle are likely familiar with the automaker's innovative BMW ConnectedDrive Apps. Preston BMW also knows that anyone who fits these criteria and happens to own the new iPhone 5 might be panicking.

    Why? For those aren't familiar, all apps are connected to BMW vehicles via Apple's smartphone. Until now, the BMW-compatible iPhone used a standard 30-pin connector which is exactly what the BMW…

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    US Sales Set to Spike with New All-Wheel-Drive BMW 3-Series

    With sales of luxury autos continuing to sell at a healthy pace here in the United States, the fight for premium automakers to claim the coveted top spot has turned quite aggressive. Of course, Preston BMW of Boardman, OH knows that BMW has a strategic plan to keep its upward trajectory moving. And that plan comes in the form of the new BMW 3 Series sedan with xDrive, the luxury brand's all-wheel-drive system.


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    Rumors Circle Surrounding New BMW 7 Series Additions

    As you may know, the BMW 7 Series already offers up a great deal of luxury style, comfort features, and enjoyable drive. But for those who wish the venerable model added on just a smidge of sportier performance, you're in for a real treat.

    Preston BMW is eager to share that the BMW rumor mill has been buzzing and it looks like the automaker just might be coming out with two new variants for…

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    2013 BMW M5 & M6 Take to the Tracks

    Perhaps enthusiasts have heard that the new 2013 BMW M5 and M6 performance models have arrived on the scene escorted by a significant heap of praise. After hitting the tracks at the famous Laguna Seca Raceway in California, the fierce sedan and coupe prove to be uniquely fitted but equally driven.


    What exactly does Preston BMW mean by that? Largely that while each auto retains its own body style and corresponding habits, both are crafted…

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    BMW Drives Electric Mobility and Car Sharing in San Francisco

    Back in 2011, BMW announced the launch of an innovative program called BMW DriveNow. Since then, three major cities worldwide have used the service to bring new BMW vehicle rentals to countless consumers for varying amounts of time. Now, Preston BMW is thrilled to share that the BMW rental program has not only launched within our walls but is looking to evolve as well.

    For those who are unfamiliar, BMW DriveNow essentially allows users to…

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    BMW Group DesignworksUSA: Providing Innovation for All

    There's no doubt in our mind that brand followers in the Boardman, OH area are very well-versed in the area of new BMW vehicles. But we're wondering how familiar you might be with some of the company's other endeavors. Ever heard of an innovative little powerhouse called "BMW Group DesignworksUSA?"


    Well, for starters, Preston BMW shouldn't say "little." Acquired by BMW Group nearly 17 years ago, the design company facilitates the…

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